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Welcome to LMCT+, the premier shopping tool of Australia. With a robust dashboard and user-friendly mobile app, LMCT+ offers Australian users unparalleled savings opportunities. Our platform not only facilitates access to exclusive deals from more than 1,000 partners but also empowers shoppers to make smart, cost-effective purchases all in one place.

At LMCT+, our users are not just visitors; they are paying members with a vested interest in utilizing our software to its fullest potential. This high intent to purchase makes our platform an attractive venue for advertisers and partners, ensuring high engagement rates and genuine transactions. Additionally, we pride ourselves on securing exclusive partnerships that provide unique discounts specifically for LMCT+ members, a benefit not commonly found with typical affiliate programs.

Adrian PortelliFounder

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Long time loyalty member here and can say I have loved being apart of the LMCT+ Community. Loved being able to meet the guys at the W1 event they put on and can't wait for more! Absolute legends!

Harry PLoyalty Member

Was able to get some sick discounts through the members portal after making a one off purchase. Might have to join soon to keep getting all the perks.

Liam HSilver Package

Been apart of the LMCT+ community since almost the beginning and have to say I have loved being able to participate in their events and their promotions, there is always something to look forward to.

Phil FLong Time Loyalty Member

Nice meeting the boys and getting to know them at their meet and greets, absolute legends!

Ben ALoyalty Member

Had the pleasure of meeting the team at one of their track days and can’t wait to be able to meet them again!

James SPlatinum Package

Received an invite to their W1 Launch party and it was great to be able to mingle with the team and speak with some of the owners of the business that are partners

John BLoyalty Member

Excellent customer service! I has having issues logging in and they were onto it straight away. Finally logged in and was able to view the features on the site. I have taken full advantage of the Mates Rates part and was able to receive $100 off my first purchase at Naked Wines. Will definitely be making more use of their special offers.

Sharon HLoyalty Member

Thanks to the mates rates section of the members area, I’ve been able to save hundreds on my car servicing over the last 2 years.

Naomi GLong Time Loyalty Member

Had the pleasure of meeting the team at one of the events they hosted and can't wait to participate when they do more!

John SLoyalty Member

Met the team at one of their meet and greets and have to say they are the most genuine blokes!

Will NLoyalty Member

Taken advantage of the offers in their mates rates part of the portal and would highly recommend having a look at the specials if you haven't already!

Bryan FSilver Package

First time purchasing and was able to get 15% off at Smooth as Detailing! Will definitely be purchasing again

Sarah NSilver Package

Over the past few years I've purchased a few silver packages whenever there is an upcoming event or something I need to purchase through their partners, an absolute no brainer for me

Jack HSilver Package

Wnated to try out LMCT+ and ended up saving $100 on art from Urban Rd and have now become a loyalty member as the benefits are crazy!

Lisa FBronze Package

Being able to get discounts from some of the best performance shops across Australia has been great! Went down to Morpowa in SA and saved $800 off a tune and exhuast package

Arron L

Purchased a coupe of times before but never really saw the point of being able to have access to the database until I logged in and had a proper look. Ended up saving myself 15% at Beaurepairs and will definitely be making use of the special offers they have next time I make a purchase.

Josh BSilver Package

Wanted to know what the hype was about so I purchased a Bronze Package to give it a shot. On top of being apart of the promotion, I was also able to access special offers from members portal. I ended up saving 10% off with Ultratune and will definitely be purchasing again.

Tom HFirst Time Purchase

I've been a loyalty member for 4 months and have saved more through their partner Interior Secrets than what the membership has cost me!

Stacey Tloyalty member

Made a purchase and realised I was given limited access to the database. Decided I would have a look and ended up saving 10% off on 4WD upgrades at Pro 4x4 SA

Alex KOne off purchase

Joined up after my partner did - He's addended LMCT+ hosted events and we have both been able to save from the specials they offer in the portal. We have both benefited greatly from being a member and I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you haven't already.

Stephanie LLoyalty Member

Taking advantage of all of the benefits associated with being a member. On top of being part of the promotions, I've be invited to attend LMCT events as well as been able to use their special offers section and saved hundreds everything car related!

Mason GLoyalty Member

The guys on the phone offered great support in navigating the members site. I was able to make my purchase using discounts through the portal. They have some great specials!

Cooper PLoyalty Member

Love 4WD's and thought I would give LMCT+ a go. Joined up as a member once I saw I could get some sick discounts and have saved heaps on camping and off road equipment! Should definitely check it out, highly recommend!

Sam DLoyalty Member

I purchased a one off package after being told about LMCT+ from mates. They all recommended I join and after one purchase and the awesome discounts, it was a no brainer. A now 6 month loyalty subscriber and counting!

Charles RLoyalty Member

Purchased a Silver Package once and was able to use the Mates Rates section of the portal for a limited time. Took full advantage and was able to save heaps purchasing items for my new home!

Michael TOne Off Purchase